Bio-energetic Imaging


Bio-Energetic Imaging is a non-invasive assessment of the whole body simply by placing your hand on a Biopulsar-Reflexograph® - a biomedical measuring device that is based on Eastern alternative energy practices and medical science. Our practitioner is the only one registered in Ottawa with a Biopulsar-Reflexograph®, providing you access to a unique approach to holistic wellness.
The imaging is a picture for interpretation, like research. By placing the hand on the machine, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® software measures “reflex” zones in the hand that correspond to parts of the body, such as organs, and translates it into measurable data that is represented in numeric values and colour language.


The scan is safe and painless, and records data in real time. The data can be used to monitor organ vitality, body systems (such as immune, respiratory, and lymphatic systems), as well as overall health. It can also provide a snapshot reading of your energy centres (chakras) and your aura, allowing you to look into what your body is trying to communicate with you through colour energy.

Depending on what you would like to research that day, your practitioner may suggest various reports the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® software can provide.

Note, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® practitioner does not diagnose or cure medical conditions. The purpose of this page is to provide some general knowledge about Biopulsar-Reflexograph® technology and its use. 

Health and Vitality Research
The data provided by the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® software is recorded visually in a graph and also numerically based on an organ vitality scale. Our body and spirit communicates beyond our mental capacity and often has only one way of getting our attention: through physical symptoms. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® measurements allow you to easily see the colours in your aura, what your body and spirit wants to tell you. The software’s interpretation is based on many years of research with patients. 

Aura Research
The aura software provides an insight into your real time energetic frequencies.   Your electromagnetic field, also known as the aura, is a projection of the vibratory rates emitted by your body, including your brain waves, which can indicate some personality traits, as well as the effects of your thoughts, and emotions on your physical body.. When there are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalances in your body, it is represented by a colour in your energy field that is represented in your aura. This is called "Colour Bioenergetics". 

When an organ's vitality falls out of homeostasis, it is vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and parasites; thus, when an  organ is restored to homeostasis, the viruses, bacteria and parasites often disappear. The clarity and vibrancy of a colour shows how the organ vitality is being used.

Chakra Research
In this holistic session you will receive the vitality readings of  your seven main chakras as well as general information on each chakra. The information is meant to provide suggestions to balance chakra energies and a starting point for your own research.


For more information, consult with our Bio-energetic Practitioner.

What To Expect


Holistic, bio-energetic imaging is a service that encompasses a session with a practitioner and subsequent reports to support the session findings. 

Please note you will be seated for the duration of your visit. If you require an alternate position due to discomfort or physical restrictions, please let us know. 

Initial Intake Of A New Client

* Your Initial Visit is approximately 30 minutes (includes consultation and analysis)
* Receipts are issued at the completion of your visit
* This is your time to relax and escape - please turn off your cell phone to prevent disturbances
* Appointments begin promptly so please arrive on time
* As a courtesy to your practitioner and others wishing to book appointments, we ask 24 hours notice for cancellation of booked appointments

For your first visit, you will be asked to fill out our health history form prior to your session. Some questions that will be asked include:

* Personal medical history

* Reason for the visit

* Any illnesses, significant accidents or injuries, previous surgeries

* A list of all medications/supplements

* Diet and exercise levels

* Work and leisure habits/postures

When you arrive for your session, your practitioner will take you into a treatment room where they will go over your history form and ask any further questions that would be a benefit to facilitating your research. If you have not already, please turn your mobile devices to silent at this time.

Preparing For Your Session


Be open to the information you will receive and refrain from having expectations of your results. Commit to yourself that you may not integrate all the information during your session.

During Your Session

​​You will be sitting comfortably on a chair, placing one hand on the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® for a few minutes. The practitioner will be taking snapshots of the required reporting connected to the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® software. Once the practitioner has obtained all the required data, you  will be instructed to remove your hand from the machine. The practitioner will review some key indicators of the results and answer any questions you may have.

After Your Session


Within 24 hours, your practitioner will send you a report of the results of your session . The report includes self-care recommendations, ranging from affirmations to colour therapy suggestions.

** Please keep in mind self-care is very important in facilitating your health goals

Payment, Receipts and Re-booking


Your practitioner will provide you with a receipt for your visit at the end of your appointment. They will also give you suggestions on when to return for more sessions if they are necessary. You may book your follow-up appointments at this time, or when you have your schedule established.

**It is often recommended that you book your appointments in advance to reserve the time that suits you best, and that you try to book at least one additional appointment within 5-10 days after your first session to actively address your concerns.


Fee Schedule



Health & Vitality Research


Initial Health & Vitality Research (30 minutes) 

Includes 46 vitality readings and analysis in a 2-page comprehensive report 

$57 (includes HST)

Health & Vitality Check-up (15 minutes) 

Includes a 2-page comprehensive report  

$34 (includes HST)


Initial Immunity Vitality Research (30 minutes) 

Includes immune, lymph, and respiratory system  analysis in a 1-page comprehensive report 

$57 (includes HST)


Immunity Vitality Check-up (15 minutes) 

Includes immune, lymph, and respiratory system analysis in a 1-page comprehensive report

$34 (includes HST)


Aura Research


Aura research (30 minutes) 

Includes Aura consultation and a detailed aura picture 

$57 (includes HST)



 38-page personalized Aurascope’s body language digital report 

$34 (includes HST)


Chakra Research 


Initial Chakra research (30 minutes) 

Includes chakra consultation and chakra results 

$45 (includes HST)


Chakra Check-up (15 minutes) 

Includes chakra results only 

$23 (includes HST)




Each session you will receive digital reports of your results as well as any additional supporting resources  to assist you in your research and wellness program. 


Alpha Bio-energetic Imaging Package (60 minutes) $119 (includes HST)

 Includes an Immunity vitality scan, Aura, and Chakra consultation and accompanying reports (25% savings)


Add-On $25 (includes HST)

38-page personalized Aurascope’s body language digital report based on your aura (25% savings)   


Beta Bio-energetic Imaging Package (60 minutes) $119 (includes HST)

Includes a Health & Vitality scan, Aura, and Chakra consultation  and accompanying  reports (25% savings) 


Add-On $25 (includes HST)

38-page personalized Aurascope’s body language digital report (25% savings) 



Mini Gamma Bio-energetic Imaging Package (6x60 minutes) $570 (includes HST) 

This package is for those who would like to take a year long journey to better understand their body,  mind, and spirit. Must be used within 12 months of the first session. (40% savings) 


Add-On $21 (includes HST)

38-page personalized Aurascope’s body language digital report (40% savings)



 Gamma Bio-energetic Imaging Package (12x60 minutes) $950 (includes HST)

This package is for those who would like to take a year long journey to better understand their body,  mind, and spirit. Must be used within 12 months of the first session. (50% savings)  


Add-On $17 each (includes HST)

38-page personalized Aurascope’s body language digital report (50% savings)