Come appointment time, the video call can be started with a click, and every bit of data transmitted is encrypted and secure.


Joining a call is easy - a few clicks and you are in!

Check out our tips for your upcoming video conference

Please note you will need a valid credit card on your Jane profile to process your visit 

X-Ray Results

Chiropractic Care

Have a question for your chiropractor but you can't make it into the clinic? A few clicks and you are there! Chiropractic telehealth is now available for:

* Current patient follow-up consultations

* New chiropractic patient complimentary consultations 

* Orthotic complimentary consultations 

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Natural Herbs

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is now conducting visits by virtual appointments. Have the same experience with our Naturopathic Doctor virtually. 

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Psychologist Session


Psychotherapy is now available from the comfort of your home.

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Hand Touching Water

Reiki & Angelic Energy Healing

Reiki & Angelic Energy Healing sessions are now available virutally. Distance healing sessions are very effective - have you tried it? Access all of this from the comfort of your own home.

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It is recommended you use the latest stable version of Chrome or Firefox as well as a fast internet connection.

Once you have joined the call, you will be able to:

  1. Mute or un-mute your audio

  2. Enable or disable the video camera

  3. Send messages to the other participant

Here's what each of the icons do, starting from the left:

  • Screen share - A picture is worth a thousand words and sharing your screen with your practitioner helps share that information 

  • Raise hands - Click this to politely let the practitioner know that you want to speak.

  • Text Chat Window - Use this to chat with your practitioner through text and emojis

  • Mute/Un-mute - Great for those moments when you need to mute sounds during the call

  • Leave call - When you’re finished with your call, click here or simply close the tab.

  • Enable/Disable video - Click here to enable or disable your video

  • Tile View - Tile view lets you see everyone side by side

  • ​More actions:
    • Profile - Want to change your name in the chat

    • Change video quality (High, Normal, Low, Low bandwidth) - If you’re finding the video a little choppy, lower the video quality here to help maintain a smooth online appointment

    • View full screen

    • Blur my background - Great little beta feature to hide your background. You’ll still show up but we’ll do our best to hide everything around you

    • Settings - Opens the window to see all the settings mentioned above

When you are ready to end the call, click the red Leave Call button at the bottom of the screen.