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Virtual Care


With the same goal, yet known by multiple names - telehealth (AKA telemedicine, e-health, virtual care, remote medicine, mobile health, etc.), it is the way millions now choose to receive their healthcare information and ongoing support from qualified healthcare professionals.


Just think - no travel time, no uncomfortable waiting rooms, no childcare required (or at least significantly less depending on the visit type), no time off work needed, no parking concerns, all while receiving the care you need from the comfort of home.

Both healthcare professionals and their patients and/or clients are reporting there is an overall impressive increase in efficiency and convenience and in most cases equal effectiveness of virtual healthcare appointments when compared to the in-person experience. This is a great shift for the healthcare systems around the globe.

There will always a place and need for in-person appointments, but there is now also a place and growing demand for care from a distance - whatever distance that may be.

Infinity is honoured to offer a wonderful growing network of natural/holistic healthcare practitioners, all licensed to practice on Ontario.

* Naturopathic Medicine

* Homeopathy

* Integrative Health Coach

* Energy Healing

* Yoga & Movement Therapy

* Pilates

* Physiotherapy

Complimentary Consultations

With our virtual care practitioners, we are pleased to offer complimentary consultations to get to know your practitioner and what they do prior to your initial visit. You a provided an opportunity from the comfort of wherever you are, to select a time that works for you with our online scheduler, connect at the click of a button at the selected day/time, and ask a healthcare professional questions about their service offering to see if its right for you. This helps clear up confusion and/or any concerns so you can take your next best step for you and any loved ones you are or caring for. That is refreshing.


Preparing for your call

It is recommended you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox as well as a fast internet connection on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer. It is also recommended you have a camera if you are using a desktop.

You also have the option to test your video and audio prior to your visit, so you feel confident that you are ready when appointment time comes.

You will receive an appointment reminder with a link to join your call. Just click on the button at the time of your call and your practitioner will admit you into the video call.

During your call

Come your appointment time, your call is started with a click, and every bit of data transmitted is encrypted and secure. Joining a call is easy.

Once you have joined the call, you will be able to:

1. Mute or un-mute your audio

2. Enable or disable the video camera

3. Send messages to the other participant

Here's what each of the icons do, starting from the left:

1. Screen share

2. Raise hands

3. Text chat window

4. Mute/un-mute

5. Leave call

6. Enable/disable video

7. Tile view

For more actions choose the settings button.

Once you are ready to leave the call, click on the red leave call button.

After your call


When your call is completed, your practitioner will process the credit card you have registered in your profile (not required for complimentary consultations) and send your receipt to you email.



You and your practitioner can discuss any follow up communication and or appointments. Either you or your practitioner may schedule any upcoming appointments conveniently online using the janeapp.



  • Does insurance cover telemedicine/virtual care?
    The short answer to this is most of the time, but check your plan to confirm. The long answer is that in recent years, many insurance companies are adding this service coverage to their plans.

  • How can a doctor/healthcare practitioner know what’s going on with a virtual visit?
    The practitioner is constantly observing the patient/client during the visit by both listening and visually via the video chat. Similar to an in-person visit.

  • What quality of care will a telehealth/virtual patient/client receive?
    Very high. The patient experience is often enhanced by fewer stressors presenting in order to arrive physically at an appointment (i.e. traffic, parking, waiting rooms, childcare, time off work, etc.)

  • What types of healthcare visits can telehealth/virtual care provide?
    Many, and the list is growing. Initially only consultations were promoted, but quickly more services were appreciated to be accessible from home, i.e. yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, fitness, energy healing, etc.

Compimentary Consultations
Preparing for your call
During your call
After your call
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