Intake forms are not required when discussing the below with our Chiropractic and Naturopathic doctors, and energy healer.


Can orthotics help correct posture and misalignment?
I've heard you have some new technology for orthotics - what's that about?

Dr. Robinson can help answer all your inquiries about these insoles made specially for you.


Is Chiropractic right for me? I've heard it is beneficial for more than just back pain - does a Chiropractor treat other areas of the body or just the spine?

Dr. Robinson can answer any questions you have, from head to toe.


Is there more than what meets the eye? How can we explain vibes, intuition and a sense that there's something more to healing than traditional health care practices?

Our Reiki Master/Teacher is well versed in healing modalities and can provide insight on how energy healing could help you.


How can Naturopathic Medicine help me and my family? Do they provide nutritional counseling or any testing? 

From healthy eating to acupuncture, our team can answer all things natural medicine. 

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