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Why choose custom-made orthotics?


Orthotics may be defined as any device used to support and align a part of the body. A foot orthotic is a device that can be discretely inserted into a shoe to support, align, or accommodate foot deformities or poor foot mechanics. Custom-made foot orthotics are precision medical devices that are custom-made with the help of a chiropractor, to correct your specific imbalance and biomechanical misalignment (e.g. high arch or flat feet).


Orthotics can be used for treatment of a variety of lower extremity conditions, such as Plantar Fasciitis. They can relieve pain, improve skeletal alignment or improve the function of your foot and lower limbs.


Orthotics can also improve athletic and occupational performance by realigning poor alignment and reducing excess strain on the feet and lower legs.

Who benefits from orthotics?


We recommend that anyone with foot, knee, hip or low back pain have a biomechanical orthotics examination. Many times, biomechanical abnormalities or adaptations can be a contributing factor to your pain. Many other injuries and conditions can be a reason to have a biomechanical orthotics examination as well.


Your occupation and hobbies can also be a factor in the decision to look into orthotics. If your occupations involves a lot of standing, walking, running or just overall stress on the body, custom made orthotics may help you. If you are an athlete, orthotics may help give your performance a boost.


Who Benefits from Orthotics?
How are Orthotics Made?

How are orthotics made?


If the chiropractor decides custom-made orthotics are warranted, they will cast a foam mould of both feet, that is then converted into a plaster cast of which your custom made orthotics are fabricated.

What's the procedure?


First, the doctor will ask you about your health history. This will give the chiropractor information they need to perform a biomechanical orthotics examination of your low back, and lower extremity (hips, knees and feet).

This involves assessing joint, muscle and ligament function, and recording any dysfunction that can be contributing to your case. We will also analyze and record biomechanical dysfunction associated with your gait (the way you walk).


After the orthotics examination, the doctor will explain the exam findings and inform you whether or not you will benefit from custom-made orthotics.

What's the Procedure?
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What are my choices?

What are my choices?


Once the biomechanical orthotics exam is completed, you will have some options for your custom orthotics. First you will have to choose whether you want solely the custom orthotics, or if you would like to have them custom fitted to a pair of shoes.


Whatever you decide, your Doctor of Chiropractic will then explain some options you have. We have several different companies we work with for your custom orthotics fabrication, so we will have you look through a couple catalogs to find the right footwear and custom orthotic options.

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