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JANUARY 1ST - 31ST 2019!!


Ahhh, to be the picture of health! Not only pain-free, but to have abundant energy & exuberance should be the norm in life, regardless of age!


Since we love helping families & want everyone to have the opportunity to feel their absolute best, we’ve decided to run our crazy promotion!


For only $95, we’re offering a chiropractic consultation, exam and report of findings for the ENTIRE FAMILY! Yes, that is the TOTAL cost for everyone combined!!

You can bring in as many family members with you as you like!

(limited to children, parents, and grandparents of your family unit).

The $95 is the total price for you and your entire family’s individual chiropractic assessments which includes a

comprehensive consultation, exam, and report of findings

for each family member!

Wave goodbye to pain, say ADIOS to an uncomfortable existence, and sing ALOHA to a radiant new beginning!


Take advantage of this incredible LIMITED TIME offer, and call 613.440.8444 to get everyone in your family feeling great!


Why would a child need to see a Chiropractor?

That's easy!

Chiropractic produces results that are both extremely beneficial and safe!


✔ Helps realign newborn post birth trauma

✔ Assists in treating falls/injuries

✔ Aids children with posture & gait development

Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME offer today!

Call 613.440.8444 to bring your family to the next level of awesome!

Barrhaven Chiropractic Chiropractor Family
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