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Welcome! Thank you for choosing us for your next professional practice experience. We are excited to get to know you, your professional goals and your philosophies on wellness care.

Infinity is a modern, holistic-minded wellness organization situated in Ottawa, Ontario. We aim to serve not only the local community, but the province of Ontario and those around the globe who aim to improve their overall quality of life by working with our growing virtual healthcare practitioner network.

​Many advanced, natural modalities are available at Infinity. Imagine how beneficial it will be working collaboratively together, providing options to improve your patient/client's quality of life based on their needs. These recommendations are optional, and available at your discretion and expertise.  


There are two virtual platforms connected as a community

One private platform - perfect for one-on-one appointments and private classes

One group/class/course platform - providing a growing selection of both live and recorded group classes, seminars, workshops, webinars, etc.

Website that connects both platforms, creating a triad approach to referrals and loyal patronage for your patients, clients and students

Umbrella branding - get noticed!

Work from home, or wherever you are


We also provide online booking/record keeping, and digital payment processing


We welcome practitioners who work with complementary modalities to the services available at Infinity, as well as individuals that align with Infinity values.

How to Apply

Please email us your cover letter and resume at 

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