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Health Advisory

Health Advisory Information

This page contains the most current procedures. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we promptly update this information as guided by Ottawa Public Health.


We look forward to seeing you again soon :) 

  1. Patient / client screenings will be mandatory prior to each appointment. Please check your email for the link on your appointment date(s) and complete before you head out for your scheduled visit.

  2. We recommend adding a credit card to your Jane Account for contactless payment, and perhaps consider booking 2-4 appointments in advance to reserve your preferred treatment time. 

  3. Chiropractic patients: the consultation portion of all initial, report of findings and reassessment visits will be done over the phone (kindly ensure this phone number has been provided). Please arrive in front of the clinic, (disconnect any bluetooth in your vehicle if applicable), and Dr. Robinson will call you at the time of your visit. You will then be invited into the clinic for the in-person portion of your appointment.

  4. Guidelines specific to Naturopathic Medicine appointments, click here

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