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How Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy Can Help Heal Sports Injuries (and 7 Tips to Prevent Them)

Updated: May 26, 2021

For optimal athletic performance, use holistic recuperation methods to speed up healing of sports injuries

Many of us enjoy playing sports and being active. Alongside this could also potentially mean we may have a sport injury at some point or another. The most common injuries we see at the clinic are rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, concussion, whiplash, ankle sprains, tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow and knee, hip, low back and neck injuries. Sports injuries tend to get more and more common the older we get, and alongside that, the recuperation sometimes takes longer as well.

Prevention is key: 

  • It’s important to properly warm up the body and stretch, and to maintain proper form that supports the body rather than hinder it. Although the latter may be out of your control, like getting a concussion from playing hockey 

  • Increasing range of motion helps keep the body loose and nimble. There are plenty of exercises we provide our patients and clients depending on the type of sport they enjoy playing 

  • Proper hydration and nutrition are often overlooked as a way to prevent injury. For example, not drinking enough water can result in muscles cramping, and can possibly also lead to cartilage and meniscus tears (especially in the knees) 

  • Proper icing techniques are also recommended. Many athletes often finish the race sitting in an ice cold bath 

  • Listening to the body is the most important factor - stopping or slowing down when we should and not pushing through pain 

  • Awareness of your surroundings from the terrain to the other’s you may be playing with or against 

  • Overall, taking care of your body with regular stretching and strengthening

Injured? Try These Natural Ways to Heal Before Considering Surgery

If an injury does occur, there are natural ways to heal before having to go in for surgery. Active Release Technique, chiropractic adjustments, sports massage, cranial sacral massage and soft tissue treatments can help the body naturally heal itself and put your bones, ligaments and tendons back to the position they were designed to be in. Postural maintenance and correction, as well as structural integration techniques can also be used that not only help a particular injury but will have a positive ripple effect to the rest of your body. Essentially, we aim to rebalance the body while also taking care of the specific injured area. 

Importance of Time and Communication

Time is also a factor. Recuperation can be frustrating if it is taking more time than anticipated, especially missing an entire season. Letting the body heal and giving it time is the best medicine. After the feeling of acute pain, often patients and clients want to get into the game so to speak right away. It’s important to listen to your health care practitioners and follow their recommendations. Communication is key, letting them know what’s going, whether you feel worse or better, so that they can keep track and adjust the protocol.

Enhance Your Performance with Massage and Chiropractic Care

Massage and chiropractic care is also beneficial and used as a tool to enhance athletic performance. Treatments can decrease muscle tension and swelling, improve flexibility and deactivate pain trigger points. It can even help optimize energy by increasing the blood flow so essential nutrients and oxygen get to your cells for optimal performance.  

Sport is fun. Sport injuries are not. By following the prevention tips and seeking the support and help of holistic health practitioners like Registered Massage Therapists and Chiropractic Doctors if an injury does occur may get you back in shape faster with possibly less chance of having surgery. 

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