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Internet/power outage

Power/Internet Outage Information

This page contains the most current procedures. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding 
We look forward to seeing you again soon :) 


  1. Dr. Robinson will be available for regular appointment hours for either outage occurrence unless he is unable to physically make it in (so we are 99% chance of being open)

  2. Internet outage:
    i) Appointments are temporarily first come, first served (no access to online schedule during internet outage) until internet service is restored
    ii) Orthotic appointments will be unavailable until internet service is restored

Registered Massage Therapy, Yoga/Movement Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Biopulsar Reflexograph


Telehealth appointments

  Appointments are rescheduled once internet/power is restored

Special Notes:

  • This notice is for major internet/power blackouts

  • Payment will be CASH/cheque only in-person appointments. (Exact amount for CASH please)

  • Our phone will unfortunately be offline :(

  • We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you

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