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Our Registered Massage Therapist is trained to treat and assess pregnancy related symptoms.

Your initial visit is 90 minutes with a thorough consultation as part of your care.

All follow-up treatments are your choice in duration.

Prenatal Care​


Pregnancy Massage has been shown to help with:


* Anxiety and physical stress

* Back pain and discomfort

* Sciatic pain and sacro-iliac joint pain

* Calf cramps and swelling in feet

* Carpal tunnel symptoms and swelling in hands

* Promoting more restful sleep and reduce pregnancy induced insomnia

Postnatal Care


Postnatal massage has been shown help with:


* Postural concerns associated with breastfeeding and pregnancy

* Muscle tension in neck and shoulders

* Fluid retention

* Promoting a more restful sleep

* Anxiety and stress from sleep deprivation

* General muscle tension and aches.

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