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Reiki Shares

A Reiki share is a gathering of Reiki students and practitioners who participate in group Reiki session to practice Reiki on each other. Reiki shares are a way to practice the art of Reiki by giving and receiving Reiki in a casual atmosphere with other practitioners. 


Reiki Shares are meant to provide a space for Reiki students and practitioners to practice with people who have different levels of experience. Its is also a good way to share knowledge, gain experience, and built a network of like-minded people with similar interests. 


Our Reiki shares take place at the clinic in our beautiful treatment rooms. The shares are approximately two hours in length, with one hour dedicated to the Reiki session and the other hour is used for initial introductions, creating your personalized session portfolio, and post session debriefs with other practitioners. The shares are designed to be a co-creative experience yet personalized for each individual. They are also meant to share knowledge and experience with other practitioners. 


People who are registered with the Canadian Reiki Association as a student, you can receive a “Continuing Education Unit (CEU)” that can be applied towards the requirement to become a practitioner.  


If you are a student or practitioner that is looking for a supportive group of likeminded people to practice Reiki and develop your skill, join us at the next Reiki Share.

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