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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


A health coach, or a health and wellness coach, is a supportive guide and mentor who provide clients with a safe, supportive space to explore their health issues and helps clients set health goals. They encourage clients to focus not just on the dietary aspect of their health, but other areas of their life that can provide fulfillment and nourishment, such as the quality of their relationships, satisfaction with their job/career, how their home and environment make them feel, and even their connection to a spiritual practice. 

Through fostering a positive mind-set around health and well-being, coaches empower and motivate clients to become experts on their own health. They also hold clients accountable for the goals they set and are vital members of the greater healthcare team, bridging the gap between traditional healthcare and enacting sustainable and positive behavioural lifestyle changes.

Why should I work with a Health Coach?

Health coaching is the perfect service to complement personal training, nutritionist/dietitian services, and general medical care because they can help their clients implement the diet and lifestyle goals and instructions provided to them, breaking down each goal into manageable, actionable steps.

Health and wellness coaches have tapped into their calling to help others achieve great health and realize they already have within them the motivation and power to transform their lives and their health.

Here is a study found that people who went through three months of health coaching significantly improved blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose (blood sugar), triglycerides (blood fat), body weight and cardiovascular fitness.

Popular reasons for hiring a health coach include a desire to:

  • Increase energy and motivation

  • Lose weight

  • Learn better stress-management techniques

  • Prioritize self-care

  • Eat healthier

  • Exercise more

  • Improve relationships

  • Create work-life balance

  • Increase positivity

  • Become less overwhelmed and understand what’s best for them

What to expect during my first session?

At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, uniqueness of each client is highly regarded with a specific term called bio-individuality. This uniqueness…from the environment you thrive in, to the relationships that nourish you, to the food you eat (or don’t eat!) informs the foods and lifestyle practices that will work best for each client. 

In your first session, your completed intake form will be reviewed and through specific coaching questions and formats you and your health coach will explore where you are at and where you will like to be regarding your health and “bio-individuality”. This will serve as a template to co-create the first steps of your unique health blueprint.

Note: In order to maximize your time together please complete your intake form prior to arriving for your initial visit. A secure link to fill this form is sent to your email with your appointment confirmation email. 

Some questions you will need to respond include:

  • Personal info and medical history

  • Social, work and leisure habits

  • Reason for the visit

  • Any illnesses, significant accidents or injuries, previous surgeries

  • Past and current diet and exercise habits

  • Women Hormonal history

What is Included in my Health Coaching Program?

  • Suggested 3 to 6 month coaching program (time depending on your goals)

  • Two 45-60 minute virtual sessions per month

  • Email and/or chat support between sessions

  • Simple, tasty, healthy recipes fit to your taste

  • Information and/or handouts specific to your needs and goals

  • Cutting edge functional/integrative wellness advice

  • Unconditional, non-judgemental support

Payment, Receipts and Re-booking

Your practitioner will provide you with a receipt for your visit at the end of your appointment. They will also give you suggestions on when to return for more sessions. You may book your follow-up appointments at this time, or when you have your schedule established.

**It is often recommended that you book your appointments in advance to reserve the time that suits you best, and that you try to book at least one additional appointment approximately two weeks after your first session to actively address your concerns.

After your session
What to expect
What's included in my health coaching program?
Why should I?

Fee schedule

Complimentary Health Coaching Discovery Session (15 minutes)  $0

Initial Jump Start Your Way Into Health Coaching Session (60 minutes) $125

Follow-up by-weekly sessions (45 minutes) $100

Follow-up by-weekly sessions (60 minutes) $110

Fee schedule
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