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Flat Feet Care

Registered Dietitian (Special note - Registered Dietitian Services to resume in late 2023)

The advice and information provided by Registered Dietitians is designed to empower those seeking dietary and food health assistance. They guide their patients and clients to embrace, understand and build a positive and balanced relationship with food by working with individual needs and challenges, including accessibility and personal preferences.

Our Registered Dietitian has a passion for food and values an “all foods can fit” philosophy. They have a desire to help clients reach their health and wellness goals through sustainable change by addressing habits, barriers and challenges. Choose a Registered Dietitian and step away from the all or nothing mentality and find freedom in your relationship with food. 

What to expect

During your initial consultation your Registered Dietitian will conduct a complete health history and assess current health habits. A personalized education and treatment plan will be developed just for you - and follow up appointments are tailored to address your main complaints. Our Registered Dietitian uses a comprehensive approach: nutrition, lifestyle habits and mindset. 

What is included in my care?


*One-on-one counseling support and guidance in achieving your health goals 

*Mindset coaching to support long term success 

*Personalized guidance and goal setting tailored to your challenges 

*Email support between appointments 

*Meal planning, ideas and preparation tips 

*Guided action setting and steps to address barriers through problem solving 

*Evidence based information including educational resources and handouts 

Are Registered Dietitian Services right for me?

If you are ready to commit to receiving one-on-one coaching, are looking for long-term results, function best with accountability and a support system in place; working with a Registered Dietitian is for you.

Our Registered Dietitian is committed to your success; not just today but in the future.  They will walk you through steps you can take to improve your habits permanently, show you why taking small realistic steps is worth it, and work with you to create change. Your unique challenges will be explored, and they will help you discover next steps that will work best for you. Quick fixes are not the goal; our Registered Dietitian wants this to be the last stop for you on your nutrition and wellness journey. 

What works and matters is shared by evidenced-based information, showing compassion, and focusing on sustainability. By combining nutrition, behaviour change strategies, mindset shifts as well as hands-on experience will provide you guidance that will truly benefit you for life.


Our Registered Dietitian keeps this enjoyable and fun. They promise to customize your journey so that you are successful, and excited about moving forward. Change can feel hard; let's make it as smooth as possible in a caring, compassionate and non-judgmental space.

Whatis included with my care?
What to expect
Are RD services right for me?

Fee schedule

Initial assessment (45-60 minute appointment)   $ 120

Follow-up appointment fee

 30 minutes   $ 70

Fee schedule
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