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Yoga and Whole Person Method Movement Therapy (Private sessions)
*Virtual Group Classes Now available!


Yoga is an ancient teaching system designed to reawaken one’s consciousness; to self-realize that our true nature is inner peace and to feel ‘at one’ with all things.  By using physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual tools, we learn how to bring our emotions under control, to be unaffected by negativity or stress and to restore balance, health and vitality.

Of the distinct pathways to Yoga, the Hatha yoga branch is the physical component of the scientific path called Raja Yoga. Through the use of posture (asana), breath control (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana), Hatha yoga prepares the body, mind and spirit for deep self-awareness, self-realization and a return to our most natural and authentic selves. It forces us to slow down, to tune in to the subtle ebb and flow of our breath energies, to connect us to our body’s intuitive guidance system, to know ourselves so that we gain the confidence to embrace change, to trust our body’s wisdom and to one day embrace a self-guided home practice.

Whether you are about to practice for the first time or you are an experienced yogi, today is the best day to reach for your full potential and create a more balanced, healthy and fulfilled life.  

Postures (Asana)

Yoga postures stretch, tone and mobilize every part of the body which enables the muscles, fascia, joints, ligaments, tendons and vital organs to move and function  more efficiently and effectively as well as restoring balance in the circulatory, hormonal and nervous systems.

Meditation (Dhyana)

Through a moving or still meditation, one has the ability to experience true relaxation and rejuvenation. The mind calms and we are able to  replace our doubts, worries or other stressors with inner wisdom, self-confidence, self-love, intuition and awareness of the self.  This practice grounds us in the present moment and promotes radiant health and wellbeing.

Breath Control (Pranayama)

The breathing practices increase our life-force energy (prana); used for self-healing, healing to others, increased vitality, and self-development. The breath connects us to our body’s intuitive guidance system, our authentic self and to universal love. Proper breathing is an effective remedy to combat and transform the effects of stress by supplying the brain with the extra oxygen it requires. In contrast, shallow, short and inefficient breathing leads to a loss of mental balance, concentration and control of our emotions. In short,  better breathing means a greater functioning of the whole body.

Fee Schedule
Initial Consulation & Treatment

Initial private consultation and session


The initial visit for Yoga and WPM Movement Therapy is for clients who have not yet seen our Yoga and WPM Movement Practitioner for a private session. 

Our team is here to help you get to where you want to be. We strive to help you on your path to healing and wellness. When we sit down with you for your first visit, we want to hear all details, tiny or large, in order to create a powerful start and focused direction to your care. Ultimately, our goal is to help you improve your daily life.

For this visit, the duration is 80 minutes so your Practitioner may provide:

  • a thorough consultation

  • an "un-rushed" movement therapy session

  • self-care recommendations, and

  • answer any questions you may have


Your first visit

* Appointments begin promptly so please arrive on time; please turn off your cell phone
* As a courtesy to your Practitioner and others wishing to book appointments, we ask 24 hours notice for cancellation of booked appointments
* Your Initial Visit is 80 minutes (includes consultation) - injuries, chronic pain, intention and movement focused
* Please complete your intake form prior to arriving for your initial visit. A secure link is sent to your email with your appointment confirmation email.  
Some questions that may be asked include:
- previous yoga experience
- health history as it pertains to yoga movement
- expectations from a custom designed yoga and movement therapy session
- job and lifestyle as they pertain to day and night time posture

Your Practitioner will review your history form with you and ask any further questions that would be a benefit to facilitating a healing plan for your individual needs. 

​Your Practitioner will also complete some postural, orthopedic and/or neurological testing to the area(s) of concern to establish an appropriate approach for your care.
Preparing for your session

It is important to be hydrated before a movement session. Your comfort during the appointment is important and we recommend you wear loose fitting clothing to allow for unrestricted movement and for seated postures.

Please bring your yoga mat and yoga straps for your visit. If you do not have a yoga mat and/or yoga straps, some may be rented for your session. (mats are $5, and straps are $3)

*All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

During your session

During your session with the Practitioner, you will be guided through a customized Hatha yoga practice, taking into consideration the needs and limitations of your body in its present state and your personal goals for becoming the best version of yourself. This whole body discipline embraces yogic breathing techniques, meditation, traditional and non-traditional yoga postures, intuitive movements and may include self-massage, pressure techniques and resistance stretching.

After your session

Self-care recommendations will be provided by your Practitioner which may range from stretching, strengthening, movement or postural exercises to stress-relieving techniques, self-massage and/or pressure applications. Please keep in mind self-care is very important in facilitating your journey to wellness. 

Please remember to keep hydrated, at all times, but especially after bodywork. Feeling sore or stiff is not unusual after any form of bodywork, usually this feeling will decrease in less than 24-hours.

Virtual Yoga Group Classes (60 minutes)

Live yoga classes from the comfort of your own space - all you need is your yoga mat! A few other suggested tools:
* 2 blocks (or books around the same size)

* A strap (hand towel works great too!)

* Pillows and blankets (for Soulful Blissful Surrender)

Can't make the live class after all? No problem, just watch the replay - this is a fabulous feature for those last minute schedule changes, and families! Replays are available for 1 week after each class. As one replay goes down, the next class goes live!

Please note that when you click on a class to register, there will be a very short registration process and an easy to use system. We look forward to seeing you in class.


















Your 1st Visit
Preparing For Your Treatment
During Your Treatment
After Your Treatment
Virtual Yoga Classes

Join our mid-morning yoga class to bring your body's deep inner core back into balance. An all ages, ability and gender discipline for awareness and strength - be it postnatal, injury, surgery or office work with special consideration for abdominal surgery and diastasis recti.

8 week program beginning April 6, 2023


Blissful Surrender
Saturdays at 12:00 pm

Kick-start your weekend with our restorative and yin/yoga mobility flow practice, designed for all ages and levels. Choose a supported and soft or deep stretch approach to meditation and yoga asana (pose). A cooling and calming way to re-calibrate the nervous system, stiff joints, soft tissue and fascia all the while increasing flexibility and strength through resistance stretching and strengthening sequences. Reshape your posture and improve overall health while lowering your stress levels. A class not to be missed!

BYO blankets and pillows!


8 week program beginning April 8, 2023

More Classes coming soon... if you have a class request, please send us a message

Fee schedule

Initial Consultation & Session (80 Minute Appointment)   $108

60 Minutes Follow-up Session   $88

Virtual Group Classes 

8 week sessions $96 (plus HST)

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