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Introducing the Family Wellness Series: From Parents and Children to Seniors

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Finding wellness within this world that never seems to stop moving

Author: Meagan Roback, RMT

You’ve had a restless sleep, the baby kept you up. The alarm goes off and you can hardly peel your eyes open. The morning routine with little ones is full of “hurry up and eat!’, ‘why aren’t you wearing pants?’, ‘go pee!’, or if you have older kids, trying to stay sane while also being supportive during an emotional teenage meltdown - all while getting yourself ready, breakfast and packing lunches, and getting everyone off to school and work on time.

You get to work, hopefully on time. More stuff comes your way - good or bad - and you hustle. Then after you hurry to school or daycare, get them fed and most likely shuttle them off to practice or dance or music class. At home, making sure their homework is done or getting them in the bath 'on time', and fingers crossed you don’t have any twilight moments during the dinner/bedtime routine or just before it’s time for the epic bedtime story. If some miracle occurs, you have some time to do laundry, dishes or research the next family outing before passing out.

Sound familiar?

On top of all of that weight of daily life, you also worry about the health of your parents, aunts or uncles. If you’re lucky, your grandparents. Or worse, you or someone in your family is battling a health condition that’s more serious.

You or your family may have aches and pains and don’t have enough time to address them, until they get to a point where you can’t not address them.

In today’s modern world, keeping the family physically healthy is a full-time job, let alone maintaining overall wellness including mental and emotional health. There’s ample research out there to show that preventative care can be a boon when the going gets tough. But how do you find the time, knowledge or professional help?

More and more people are turning to complementary and holistic health practices to supplement or augment their current health care regime - practices that can be done on your own or through a wellness professional.

In this series, we aim to address common ailments and ways you can help alleviate them or where to go to for holistic help:

  • First up in this series, we will be taking a look at the family wellness approach for children. We’ll explore items from prenatal all the up to teenage health.

  • Next, we’ll examine the family wellness approach for parents. Not only dealing with your own concerns, but also for your children and aging parents. It will also help to address any preventative tips to work towards a healthy and vivacious retirement.

  • Lastly (but certainly not least), we’ll examine the family wellness approach for seniors. We will aim to address concerns ahead of time, but there are things that creep up as we get older.

There’s no magic pill for complete and perfect health. It may take time and dedication, little changes or big moves. In the end, it’s all about living your best life and finding ways to find wellness from within.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. The content provided is for informational purposes only. Use of the content provided on this blog post is at your sole discretion.


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