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Reflexology is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment applied to the feet using various finger and thumb techniques to pinpoint imbalances in the body’s systems. It is based on the premise that the body's natural energy meridians are connected to reflex points located in the feet. Pinpointing and breaking up any "deposits" stuck in the feet helps to enable the natural flow of the body’s energy. The overall purpose of the treatment is to reduce stress, increase circulation, and help facilitate the body’s natural abilities to balance these systems and return to a state of homeostasis.

Reflexology has been practiced for centuries. Like Acupuncture, the general theory is that our energy (Chi/Qi) flows along pathways or what many refer to as meridians. Disruptions in this flow are said to cause pain, illness, etc. By using pressure and various finger and thumb techniques at identifiable points on the feet, reflexology has been shown to help bring the flow back into balance.

A Registered Reflexology Practitioner (Reflexologist) is able to provide a safe, effective and natural approach to healthcare. Your Reflexologist will provide you with a consultation and ask questions about how the body is functioning as a whole.

If, however, you suffer with varicose veins, ingrown toenails, bruises, cuts, foot fractures, or foot sores, then you should avoid receiving reflexology treatment (however Reiki may be an option for you). The practitioner is unable to provide a treatment if you have athlete’s foot at the time of the booked appointment. Additionally, if you currently or have ever suffered from plantar warts, you must let the practitioner know before the treatment begins.

For your treatment, you will be fully clothed and your Reflexologist will cleanse your feet with a natural astringent (a mixture of Witch Hazel and purified water). Your Reflexologist will provide a whole body treatment each time, paying special attention to any areas of concern or areas where energy seems to be sluggish and/or stuck. Each of these points would relate to various systems of the body. After your Reflexologist finds the affected points, they will apply a finger or thumb technique to remove the blockage and encourage the energy to flow. Some pressure may be provided more than others, depending on what your Practitioner feels is needed to restore your natural flow of Chi/Qi.

Every Practitioner will be different in the techniques they use and the style in which they apply them. You may have several visits to complete your treatment. Some people have ongoing visits for more serious conditions and/or because they are using Reflexology as a preventative tool.

Note, reflexologists do not diagnose or cure medical conditions. The purpose of this page is to provide some general knowledge about reflexology. Below you will find some benefits of reflexology:

* Reducing stress and increasing relaxation

* Improving circulation

* Balances the body’s energy flow

* Boosting energy levels

* Eliminating toxins

* Improve the speed of healing

* Improves nervous system stimulation

​For more information, please consult with our Registered Reflexology Practitioner (To be announced).

* All treatments are tailored to the client's needs, where your Practitioner may incorporate a number of techniques and/or styles *

What to Expect...


Your Registered Reflexology Practitioner (Reflexologist) conducts safe, personalized therapeutic treatments according to Holistic Foot Reflexology, focusing on patient’s wholesome recovery, pain release or preventive health issues.

Initial Intake of a New Client

* Your Initial Visit is 60 minutes (includes consultation and treatment)
* First time clients should arrive 10 -15 minutes before the appointment time
* Make yourself comfortable in our lobby, we have slippers for your use while at our wellness centre
* This is your time to relax and escape - please turn off your cell phone to prevent disturbances
* Appointments begin promptly so please arrive on time
* As a courtesy to your practitioner and others wishing to book appointments, we ask 24 hours notice for cancellation of booked appointments

If you suffer with varicose veins, ingrown toenails, bruises, cuts, foot fractures, or foot sores, then you should avoid receiving reflexology treatment. The practitioner will not be able to provide a treatment if you have athlete’s foot at the time of the booked appointment. Additionally, if you currently or have ever suffered from plantar warts, you must let the practitioner know before the treatment begins.

For your first visit, you will be asked to arrive a few minutes early to fill out our health history form. Some questions that will be asked include:

* Personal medical history

* Reason for the visit

* Any illnesses, significant accidents or injuries, previous surgeries

* A list of all medications/supplements

* Diet and exercise levels

* Work and leisure habits/postures

At this time, your Reflexologist will take you into a treatment room where they will go over your history form and ask any further questions that would be a benefit to facilitating a healing plan for your individual needs. Please turn your mobile devices to silent at this time.


Preparing for your Treatment

Once a beneficial treatment plan has been established between you and your Reflexologist, you will lay on the reflexology table completely clothed with your socks removed and pants rolled up to mid-shin. The Reflexologist will make any necessary adjustments to the placement of pillows and/or towels. The Reflexologist will cleanse the feet with a natural astringent (a mixture of Witch Hazel and water).

Your comfort during the treatment session is important, and for that reason, you may wear what you feel comfortable in. Most people choose to wear loose fitting/non-binding clothing (i.e.jogging pants and a t-shirt) so your body will not be restricted during your treatment, thus getting the most out of your care.


During your treatment

During the treatment you may talk or remain quiet, whatever you are most comfortable with. It is important, however, to let your Practitioner know if at any time you are uncomfortable. You should be able to feel the Practitioner working with you; if you feel the need to hold your breath or pull away then the benefits of treatment are lessened, and you should mention this to your Reflexologist. Communication is key to getting the most benefit out of your experience!

Additionally, please let your Practitioner know if you are feeling chilled or if you are too warm. If at any time you are not comfortable with the treatment, you always reserve the right to suggest that the Reflexologist make a change for you to be more comfortable, or even end the treatment early. Keeping comfortable and relaxed is an integral part of any therapy treatment.

***Please be cautious when getting off the treatment table***

After your treatment

Self-care recommendations will be provided to you by your Practitioner can range from lifestyle changes, to self-massage suggestions.

** Please keep in mind self-care is very important in facilitating your health goals

Payment, Receipts and Re-booking

Your Reflexologist will provide you with a treatment receipt for your visit at the end of your appointment. They will also give you suggestions on when to return for more appointments if they are necessary. You may book your follow-up appointments at this time, or call when you have your schedule established.

**It is often recommended that you book your appointments in advance to reserve the time that suits you best, and that you try to book at least one additional appointment within 5-10 days after your first session to actively address your concerns.

Suggestions for Everyone After Every Treatment

Following your session it is important to keep hydrated; as always, drinking water is essential to overall good health. Feeling sore or stiff is not unusual after any form of bodywork, usually this feeling will decrease in less than 24-hours. Often patients feel the biggest difference within the first 36-hours after their treatment. Homecare applications may often help relieve any post-treatment tenderness, so check with your Practitioner that you are applying the appropriate homecare.

**Please remember that everyone is different as is their speed of reaching their health and wellness goals. If you have questions about your care, please speak with your Practitioner so they may assist you.

Fee Schedule



Initial Consultation & Treatment (60 minute appointment)   $ 95


Follow-up Treatment Fees



45 minute    $ 84
60 minute    $ 95






Initial Consultation & Treatment (75 minute appointment)   $ 110

Follow-up Treatment Fees

60 minute    $ 100

What to Expect
Inital Visit
Preparing for your tx
During yur treatment
After your tx
Fee schedule
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