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A variety of products our chiropractors and Registered Massage Therapists RMT recommend.  

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Biofreeze® provides effective relief from:

• Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
• Contusions
• Muscle Stiffness, Spasms
• After Surgeries
• Cramps & Strains
• Arthritis & Bursitis
• Diabetic Neuropathy
• Plantar Fasciitis and many other conditions

This helpful product:

• Is Dye Free & Paraben Free
• Applies easier and penetrates quickly
• Contains effective skin conditioners

Image by Will Malott



Stretch, strengthen and stabilize your neck and back muscles towards better posture. The Posture Medic® helps you improve your posture with these three easy steps.

Follow an exercise program to stretch and strengthen your neck and back muscles to increase your range of motion and reduce your pain. Wear the Posture Medic throughout your day to stabilize your posture as your work and play. You'll feel a difference just by using the Posture Medic for as little as 15 minutes a day.

Image by Saffu



The Tri-Core/Mid-core Cervical Pillow has a unique trapezoid center which gently cradles your head and supports your neck in its natural position. It is a comfortable pillow, and also provides excellent cervical support for side sleepers.


These Core products come in 3 sizes (standard/large, medium and child) and both standard and medium are available in firm or gentle. Please come by the clinic and see what will work best for you. If we are out of the the pillow you are looking for, we will be happy to order it for you!

Image by Kenny Sexton



Many activities in modern daily living place the head in a detrimental forward head posture. The Apex Cervical orthosis is an inexpensive and convenient tool to assist the healthcare professional in restoring a patient’s proper cervical posture. The Apex counters the negative forces caused by forward posture, and works to gently reverse kyphotic attitude when used daily under the supervision of a spinal professional.


  • Adjustable to 3 heights

  • Assists restoration of proper cervical posture

  • Helps decrease pressure on cervical soft tissue

  • Counteracts forward head posture

Image by Javier Esteban



Cryo Blaze Cold Hot Gel Packs are a premium hot cold pack that can be microwaved for heat or kept in the freezer for cold therapy.

These compresses stay flexible when frozen, are microwavable, reusable, latex free and non-toxic. 

Two Sizes Available



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Image by Hadley Jin


The new Health Medics Essentials wobble board is a balance board designed to help you improve balance and strength. We have paired it with a non slip mat designed to provide stability even on smooth surfaces and protect floors.

  • Use to improve coordination, stability, proprioception and balance 

  • Use to make regular exercises more challenging 

  • Mat protects your floors and reduces the chance of slipping 

  • Includes Wobble board, mat, and instructions in retail ready packaging

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